Friday, July 31, 2015


Just some fooling around renders I had sitting and collecting dust. This is a girl I still have in my runtimes that I started developing a few months ago, Miranda. I'm thinking of actually bringing her back out for some more more workout sessions but not sure when. Hope you like the renders.


  1. Hi, like always good job!! there is a possibility of returning your old posts? I remember a lot of good and explicit material there, why you deleted it?

    1. Hey there. Sorry I haven't checked here for a while. I moved all my older stuff and newer stuff now to Tumblr which is where I'll be staying now rather than here. Seems like Tumblr is a little more up my alley these days and seems a bit easier to get my work out there to people.

      I won't be updating this blog anymore so if you want to keep up with newer stuff, feel free to check my tumblr.